World Champion Pulled Pork Sliders



  1. Whisk together dry pork marinade and water. Using a flavor injector, generously inject the marinade mixture into the pork butt.
  2. Heavily coat pork in Sweet & Savory seasoning.
  3. Place Pork on drum at 300℉ for approximately 2 hours (this may vary depending on size of meat). At the 2 hour mark, wrap the pork in foil, cover sith a cup of Tennessee Red, and return to the smoker for 2 more hours (may vary).
  4. Remove from smoker when internal temperature reaches 210℉ and is sufficiently tender. Let rest in foil for another 30 minutes to hour.
  5. Place Pork in aluminum Roasting pan. Using hands, forks, or tongs, pull the pork apart. If smoked right, it should be falling apart with ease.
  6. Add in extra Sweet & Savory seasoning and Tennessee Red BBQ Sauce.
  7. Load up your buns with a big scoop of pork, and optional: serve with Tennessee Red Slaw.