How it Works

Award Winning Pedigree:Used by some of the most widely known competition teams on the barbecue circuit. COntinues to collect  Grand Champion wins nationwide. For more information, follow the Insane Can Posse.Maximum Versatility: User-friendly design allows for any type of cooking: Low & Slow or Hot & Fast. Whatever you prefer, Gateway Drum Smokers will deliver the most mouth-watering , moist, flavorful results every time. Unique customization: Vinyl or magnetic logos can be added to the logo plate, offering personalization. Full customization is endless and Gateway Drum Smokers can be created to encompass any cooks individually.Easily Maintain Temps: Two air-intake pipes with adjustable flappers to easily set and maintain steady temperatures and allow even airflow.Tailgate Treasure: Light and Portable , Fits in any standard truck bed. Two side handles offer easy lifting. Caster wheels add increased mobility.Supreme Performance: Heat loss is eliminated with our engineered solid barrel. Intakes are fully welded to drum barrel, maximizing its performance over other smokers that come in pre assembled pieces.Chicken in 30 minutes. Ribs in 2  hours. Pork and Brisket in 4 hours.Fuel efficiency is second to none. The removable fire basket can hold 8 to 10 pounds of natural lump charcoal. Smoking that can burn up to 14 hours. No need to reload fuel during any cook, and fuel can be saved and reused when smoking Hot & Fast.