Premium Pork Chops


For Baste:


  1. Fire up drum to 300℉.
  2. Make Baste: Mix 2 sticks unsalted butter, Tennessee Red, Beer, and Truffle & Chop seasoning over low heat until melted. Stir to combine, and set aside.
  3. Heat drum up to 425℉ (for sear).
  4. Season both sides of Pork Chops generously with Truffle & Chop seasoning, followed by a light layer of All In Seasoning. Let seasonings sit for 20 minutes.
  5. Place pork chops on drum for a quick sear (about 3-4 minutes), flip and repeat on other side.
  6. Cool drum back down to 300℉.
  7. Dip pork chops into baste and place back on heat, repeating for flavor, until internal temperature reaches 135℉.
  8. Remove from heat and let rest. Serve and enjoy!