Honey Glazed Pork Ribs



  1. Preheat smoker to 300℉.
  2. Prepare your ribs my removing the layer of membrane or "silver skin".
  3. Rub a light amount of mustard over your ribs. Season with Bold & Beefy Seasoning, followed by Sweet & Savory. Let sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Place on smoker and cook until ribs reach an internal temperature of 160℉.
  5. Transfer ribs to foil pack and pour 1/4 cup Tennessee Red. Cook until the ribs tender and have bones showing on the ends.
  6. While your meat cooks, prepare the Honey Glaze. Heat Blues Hog Original sauce, honey, and brown sugar together on the stove. Cook down until sugar dissolves and ingredients are well blended. Remove from the heat and let cool.
  7. When your ribs are done, remove from foil and apply Blues Hog Original Honey glaze. Transfer back to the grill for about 5 minutes or until the glaze is tacky.
  8. Remove and let rest. Double cut ribs for presentation (cut every other 2 bones).