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"I talked to a lot of guys using them. They all were happy with the results, so I bought one.. then a few months later I bought a second. I won the JACK DANIELS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (Chicken) using my Gateway Drum!" -- Scot Kee, Little Pig Town

"One of the best cookers I have ever used! Best burnt end machine on planet earth." -- Darian D Khosravi, Kosmo's Q

"Buy it and win, or don't and stay up all night!" -- Jeff Brinker, B&B BBQ & Catering

"Where do I start... For me the biggest bonus is time. Gateway Drum Smokers provide you time to enjoy you backyard party or score at a contest. Hot and fast cooking allows time for you to do whatever you need or want to do, allows more socializing time, which ultimately is what it is about. Two words, "BUY IT"! -- Mark Bayless, Oink A Doodle Moo

"We were looking to include another smoker to increase flexibility. Loved the service and the smoker so much that I referred a number of friends that have since purchased. If you are on the fence... just do it, you won't regret it for a minute." -- Erik Kos, BurntOut BBQ Co.

"Love my drum!" -- Joey Heet, A Good Rub BBQ