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Simply Marvelous Popitude Finishing Dust 5.5oz. Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction 13 oz. Simply Marvelous Pecan Rub 13 oz.

Popitude: A finishing rub with both pop and attitude. Notes of our coveted cherry and spicy apple rubs are blended together in perfect harmony to create that wow factor in the final step of your culinary masterpiece!

Apply a few minutes before you take your meat out of your smoker/grill to carmelize and fully impart flavor to your cook.

A hint of peach and honey powder seduces your meat to erupt your palette with tasteful soul. Simply Marvelous Pecan Rub is sweet, nutty and savory blend that will  
excite your palette. It is excellent on pork, chicken, beef and fish.  
Watch for this rub on the BBQ circuit!
Simply Marvelous Sweet & Spicy Rub 13 oz. Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow Rub 13 oz. Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple Rub 13 oz.
Simply Marvelous BBQ's  sweet and spicy rub goes well with Chicken, Pork
and Beef. Slather  your meat with yellow mustard, then liberally
sprinkle with this rub,  and your family will be begging you to BBQ or
Grill again!
The Peppered Cow is wonderful blend of peppers and spices to take your  
beef to the next level. The Peppered Cow is competition tested and  
approved by judges.

An excellent balance of sweet and sultry spices with just a touch of apple. It is a delectable rub that should be sprinkled liberally on chicken, beef and fish, but is extra special on pork shoulder and ribs. Size: 13 oz.